The reliability and high precision performance of CNC Swiss machiningallow us to provide thousands of tiny components

Swiss type machines can achieve higher precision and accuracy than traditional lathes

Swiss Machining Service

Typically, Swiss machining refers to a precision manufacturing process in which parts are produced using specialized Swiss type CNC lathes, on the Swiss machines, the parts is rotated in a radial motion when being cut. Swiss Machines have one or two spindles,Because of the unique design of the Swiss machine, CNC Swiss turning services allow multiple operations are executed simultaneously in several zones in a short time. Therefore, its machining speed is greatly improved and efficient in creating custom parts. This type of machining technology often used for small diameter CNC turned parts projects on large production runs.

BELLYSON Swiss Turning Capabilities

CNC Swiss screw machining is designed for miniature parts and excels in producing long slender parts, and we are capable of delivering the best precision Swiss machined parts to your exact needs with the following materials.

Stainless steel (303, 304, 316, 416, etc.)

Carbon steel (1018, 1045, 12L14etc.)

Aluminum (6061-T6, 6063, etc.)



Titanium alloys

Nickel/Nickel-based alloys

Monel etc

Materials Grade
Stainless steel SS303,SS304,SS316,SS416 etc
Carbon steel 1018,1045,12L14 etc
Aluminum Al6061-T6,Al6063 etc
Brass/Copper 360000,C14500
Plastics Delrin,PEEK
Titanium alloys  
Nickel/Nickel-based alloys  

Swiss machining can micro-machine tiny components with accuracy that are stronger, smaller, and lighter – faster. Our Swiss CNC machining is capable of producing parts arrange from Diameter from 0.040 inch(1mm) to 1.0 inches(26mm),


Swiss machining is used across a number of industries to produce precision components with fast manufacturing times and repeatable accuracy, and our CNC Swiss machining service are apply for the following industry-specific applications which require the highest quality standards:


Components used in the Watch industry

Optical measurement components

Medical instrument/Surgical tools

Guidance Systems

Micro Computer fittings and connectors

Robotic mechanisms

Fuel systems

Defense systems

Tool and die making

Value-added services to Swiss machining

We offer a number of allied services to Swiss machining:

Heat treatment




Laser Part Marking


CNC Swiss machining benefits you can get

High quality finishes. High quality finishes are achieved with CNC Swiss machining (up to 32Ra is easily possible depending on the part geometry and material), reducing the need for secondary finishing operations, shorten the production run cycle


Conserving costs for large quantities. CNC Swiss machining is highly cost-efficient for large quantities, higher volumes the costs dropping further


Parts need milled and turned on one machines, CNC Swiss machining allows for many milled features (flats, hex edges, slots, etc) to be produced during the turning process without the need for multiple setups on additional equipment, providing greater production efficiencies with one process.


When high volume and high precision is critical. The piece is held steady in the position near the operation point and not affected by the force of tools, the precision can be maintained in tight tolerance


When smaller, more complex parts are needed. In CNC Swiss machining, complex geometry is possible on even the smallest diameter components.


When you need your components turned quickly. With the addition of CNC to Swiss equipment, turned parts can be produced with significantly shorter lead times.

Swiss Machined Parts

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